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The Terror-Crime Nexus and CBRN Threats is a Course

The Terror-Crime Nexus and CBRN Threats

Time limit: 60 days

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This course is designed to give you an understanding of the ongoing debate (and the implications of the different viewpoints) about the terror-crime nexus, especially about the extent to which it may extend to chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (or CBRN) threats. It offers an introduction to the conflicting positions about the nature and scale of the collaboration between these different types of actors.

While there are significant gray areas that leave room for multiple interpretations, the course is meant to help you form your own educated opinion and participate constructively in the dialogue. This course will challenge you to consider emerging threats in the CBRN domain, providing indicators of concerning change and identifying nexus drivers and the actors more likely to collude. 

Course Eligibility:
No restrictions. All professionals and students are eligible to take this course.

Intended Audience:
Analysts and General Public

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